First Borehole in Africa

Images of the 1st Borehole

Here are photographs taken on 2 October 2012 at the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust.  They show the Borehole which the  African Borehole Trust paid for.

This borehole provides water to the Maasai people, it benefits the Head. Quarters of the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust,  Also,  the grey water from the hand basins is fed by pipe to an area of trees to help with the growth of vegetation and regeneration of trees.  The whole of the area of  Iltalal  and the surrounding area is parched and barren due to over grazing.  The filtered water is fed to. A water hole for the wild animals and some of the stock which roam close by.  

You can see from the photograph Luca Belpietro who founded the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust and oversaw the installation of the borehole, co-ordinating  with Drillcon – as the drilling company was  based in Nairobi.   The cost of drilling boreholes in African Bush is prohibitively expensive, because of transporting all the pipe work, drilling equipment and the men who need to be accommodated and fed.  (The distance between Nairobi and Iltalal which is on the Kuku ranch conservancy is 7 hours by truck on inhospitable roads.

Luca Belpietro has promised the Maasai people he will be building a Boma (village of mud huts based on concrete) for a craft sales  for the disabled people living on the conservancy they total  about 85.

This village will provide an enterprise opportunity for the disabled people to work and sell their crafts.  This is a preferred way to sell handicrafts, rather than begging and expecting handouts.   This too will give the disabled people dignity and respect they deserve from their tribes people and recognition by the Tourists.   Luca Belpietro has not set a deadline for completion for this …. But when it is fully built,  the water from the  African Borehole. Trust borehole will be connected to the Boma for the disabled people and will be s very important part of the development.